Connecting up SATA DVD Player

  Procrastinus 14:20 14 Aug 2012

I have a Dell Dimension 5100 and the present IDE DVD player/burner is connected via a ribbon cable. This player is dying and I want to replace it with a new SATA DVD player/burner.
There are two SATA motherboard connectors, one is used for the HDD and the other is free. I can use a 'molex to SATA' cable to power a new DVD player up, but the question is - Can I just use the other empty SATA connector on the motherboard for the new player or are there special SATA connectors for DVD players/card readers and such?

  james105051 15:07 14 Aug 2012

Just use the free SATA port, there are no special ports for a DVD player.

  Procrastinus 15:29 14 Aug 2012

Thanks james105051 for your reply. I suspected as much, but wanted to check! Off to get a new player!

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