connecting rj45 to usb

  Petesilver 13:44 31 Dec 2013

I recently bought a home cloud HDD, however I think I would like to just use it as an extra HDD connected to my desktop, as it only has Ethernet connections is there a way i can use it via a USB socket ?

  aquatarkus 14:00 31 Dec 2013

Hi there Have seen USB to RJ45 converters but the ones I've seen have been for use with uninterruptable power supplies for monitoring purposes.

If the hard drive you have only has an RJ45 network connection then the best option would be to connect it to one of the network ports your broadband modem router.

What make of external hard drive is it and model number?

Regards Aquatarkus

  alanrwood 21:50 31 Dec 2013

Why connect to a slower USB rather than a faster Network (Unless you have USB3 and 100Mb network speeds in which case there is some logic to your suggestion)

  Strawballs 21:13 01 Jan 2014
  aquatarkus 07:25 02 Jan 2014

Strawballs yes that's the RJ45 to USB adaptors I've seen and used but as I said they are for communication between uninteruptable power supplies and the pc(s) that are connected to them

with those converters The only thing you can use these converters for is to make a big long USB extension cord!!

  aquatarkus 07:31 02 Jan 2014

Sorry don't seem to be able to edit my last post.

I also meant to add that the only other use of these adaptors is to allow the connection of a computer to a network via USB, i.e. the pc doesn't have a network (LAN) port)

  alanrwood 11:03 02 Jan 2014

As I said earlier I can't see has an RJ45 and can't think of a reasonably modern PC in the last 10 years that does not have an RJ45 network port. Even if the computer has a USB3 port it will be pretty new and definitely have a RJ45 Network port. Seems to me to be adding another layer of complexity and area to go wrong by using a USB port to convert the data into TCP/IP for transmission to the home cloud

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