Connecting remotely to a laptop

  Mike_R 17:51 07 Sep 2013

I'm thinking of replacing my old troublesome Vista desktop by my Acer 8930 Windows 7 laptop which has 4 USB ports. To make room on my computer table, I will need to move the Canon i965 printer and Epson V700 copier to another table and connect them remotely by dongles. With the keyboard/mouse, extenal harddisk and a slot for a memory stick, I also need 5 USB ports.

I would welcome advice on the best way to connect the peripherals, and what USB hub and dongles I should buy.

  wiz-king 15:22 08 Sep 2013

Any powered USB2 hub with enough ports will do.

But before you start check that drivers are available for Win 7.

As both devices do appear to be quite old and not wireless connectable you may have trouble connecting them even with adapters.

  Mike_R 16:41 08 Sep 2013

Both devices will run under Win7. I am hoping that there are cheap wireless connections which will replace the USB cables so that I can site the devices away from the laptop, making enough space for the latter.

  Mike_R 15:41 11 Sep 2013

Called in at PC World. It seems that the cheap wireless connection for the peripherals that I'm looking for doesn't exist. So it looks as though I will have to get a new remote printer to free up sufficient space on my work desk for the laptop.

  Nontek 11:00 22 Sep 2013

Hmm, your printer and copier are both pretty old, even ancient by todays' standards.

Unless you really need the scanners photo-negative capabilities, I would advise getting a wireless all-in-one printer/scanner/copier. I have the Epson SX435W which works great wirelessly and is an absolute doddle to set-up.

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