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Connecting remote keyboard, mouse, modem...

  ennnceee 10:25 17 Aug 2019

...printer, monitor to new (to me) desktop tower.

I'm sure this is a silly question, but will all these need installation, per se, rather than just plugging?!

Thank you!

  wee eddie 12:19 17 Aug 2019

We need to know more about the Computer and the type of connection of each piece of equipment.

For example: If the Computer has a Graphics Card, the Monitor will plug into that. However, if there is no Graphics Card, the Monitor will plug into the Block of sockets connected directly to the Mother Board.

The Keyboard and Mouse may be PS2, or USB. The Keyboard may have a socket for the Mouse, or not.

  wee eddie 12:20 17 Aug 2019

And the Computer's Operating System

  ennnceee 12:25 17 Aug 2019

I haven't bought yet, but was looking at this:

click here you.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:02 17 Aug 2019

Not sure what you mean by "remote", wireless?

Keyboards are ether PS2 (purple plug), USB or wireless wireless dongle plugs into a USB port windows wwill install a driver for it.

Mice are the same (Green PS2 Plug) USb or wireless.

Modems (routers connect by Ethernet cable or wireless (No mention of wireless on that setup) you may need the setup CD that came with the router to be able to connect to the internet.

The graphics card has two DVi ports what does your monitor have now VGA DVi or HDMi?

  ennnceee 13:43 17 Aug 2019

That's strange...

click here try thank you again...


  ennnceee 07:32 18 Aug 2019

I appreciate your help, but that's all too technical for me, although, yes, I mean wireless. My desktop is dying, so I'm simply looking to buy a cheap, fairly basic replacement that I can - as it were - 'attach' to my modem, wireless keyboard and mouse, printer and monitor. I was looking at that item as a possibility.

Thank you.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:09 18 Aug 2019

ennnceee, to answer your question, yes, all your current peripherals are compatible with that PC so all you'll need to do is to plug them all in. The only thing that may meed installing is your printer, so if it doesn't work, you'll need to download the printer software from the manufacturer's website.

Don't worry about your monitor as that PC has three different input connections so your current monitor will work. I don't know why Fruity is seeing only DVI monitor inputs. If you want to be 100% sure then compare your monitor's plug to the outputs on the back of the PC you're thinking of buying:

By the way, that PC only has 4GB of RAM and is probably around ten years old so it won't be the fastest PC in the world.

  wee eddie 09:24 18 Aug 2019

Is that a Floppy Disk Drive I see in the middle of Picture 1.

What Operating System is it running?

  Secret-Squirrel 09:41 18 Aug 2019

Eddie, if you read the product description you will have seen that there is a floppy drive present but it's not connected. The OS is Windows 10 Pro.

The OP doesn't need nor want any more confusing waffle ;)

  wee eddie 11:03 18 Aug 2019

That looks like an Evesham/Time Case

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