Connecting Printers to a Home Network

  AlanHo 15:59 07 Jan 2012

I have a cable wireless router in the ground floor lounge and have set up a home wireless network.

In the upstairs study we have two desktop computers connected to the router via the wireless network.

I have a laptop computer used around the house and garden which also uses the wireless network.

A laser printer and an inkjet printer are both connected to one of the computers in the study via USB and are shared with all computers.

This means that the computer with the printers connected must by running if anyone requires prints. Both printers have USB and Ethernet ports – but running a network cable to the router downstairs is impractical.

Is there a way of connecting the printers directly to the network and leave them powered up so they can be used by any of the computers. I am hoping that there is some extra hardware that will enable me to do this perhaps via wireless.

Or – would it be possible to use mains Powerline Network adaptors – with one adapter connected by Ethernet cable to the router and other adaptors connected by cable to each printer.

  difarn 16:11 07 Jan 2012

I think your best bet would be to have a look at a small print server that effectively takes the place of the computer with the printers connected. Have a look at this article.

  AlanHo 20:09 07 Jan 2012


Thank you for the response - but I am not sure how I can adopt the idea because it appears to require me to connect the print server to my router with an ethernet cable - then connect printers to the print server by USB.

As I explained in my post - it is not practical to run cables from the first floor - where the router is located - to the study which is on the first floor.

I have to get from the router - to the printers - without a direct cable link either by wireless or by a mains network adaptor if it is in fact possible.

  difarn 20:38 07 Jan 2012

Meant to attach an article about a wireless print server too.

  AlanHo 23:28 07 Jan 2012

Thank you kind sir - that will do nicely.

  difarn 07:00 08 Jan 2012

Looks good - and reasonable too.

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