connecting to printer on network

  Sapins 12:53 13 Jul 2012

I have; iMac connected to Netgear DG834G router with ethernet cable and epson RX620 printer connected with USB cable/ Laptop running windows XP Media edition which connects ok to network and printer works ok too.

Now have new HP desktop running Windows 7 64-bit. I have tried installing vista driver for printer, as per epson site,but I cannot get the printer to work wirelessly over the network.

  difarn 22:59 13 Jul 2012

Can I just clarify the situation.

your iMac is connected by ethernet to the router? the printer - is this connected by usb cable to the iMac and shares this via your home network with the XP laptop?

If the above is the case are you saying that the Windows 7 PC cannot see the printer on the network?

If so have you

Gone to Devices and Printers in Windows 7 Select - add a printer - choose if your printer is in the list or if you have to choose "the printer I want isn't listed" Click on "Select a printer by name" This should give you the printers listed on your home network

You will also need to make sure that file and printer sharing is enabled on the windows 7 pc and that all of the pc's on the network are part of the same workgroup.

If you are saying that you have connected the printer directly to the router via usb to make it live across the network (I can do this with my livebox) then it may have to be enabled in the router configuration pages.

This is what I had to do to make mine work attached to my router that acts as a print server..

Step one: add printer manually - do not detect it. Step 2: create new port Step 3: select standard TCP/IP port Step 4: enter Step 5: wait till windows can’t detect the port properly, and then choose Printer directly from the list. Step 6: choose the printer driver

  Sapins 08:31 16 Jul 2012

I have spoken to Epson support and they tell me the RX620 is not a network printer. We have now bought an Epson PX730 and I have connected it wirelessly to the iMac as well as the HP, so, problem solved.

The PX730 installed without any problems and we are pleased wih it.

Thanks again for youy help difarn, much appreciated,



  difarn 10:15 16 Jul 2012

You're welcome - glad you have solved your problem.

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