Connecting possibly duff epson scanner

  jerica 12:21 16 Jun 2017

Hi, trying to solve my scanner and Win10 problem I bought a second hand Epson V370 scanner which is supposed to work with Win10, Now the chap that sold it said it was acting up which is why it was very cheap, got it home, downloaded the driver from Epson, connected every thing and switched it on, PC says it's there but it cannot connect, the only clue is the ready light is flashing amber which is a fault on the machine I think. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:26 16 Jun 2017

Orange Flashing An error has occurred.

Make sure the scanner is connected to your computer properly.

Make sure the scanner software is fully installed. See the Start Here sheet for instructions on installing the scanner software.

Press the Power button for 3 seconds to turn off the scanner, then turn it on again. If the Status light is still flashing orange, the scanner may be malfunctioning, or the scanner light source may need to be replaced. See Epson Technical Support for details.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:38 16 Jun 2017
  jerica 14:18 16 Jun 2017

Been there, done that, completely useless as it just send you round in a circle and doesn't answer the question, all I can get out of the help pages are the scanner may be malfunctioning, this is why I came here Fruitbat. What I need is a way of testing to find out what the problem is caused by and how to fix it if it is fixable.

  jerica 14:27 16 Jun 2017

Finally managed to get onto Epson support but will have to wait for a reply.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:07 16 Jun 2017

have you installed the drivers for the scanner?

does anything show against the drivers in device manager?

Does it flash when not connected to the PC?

  KEITH 1955 17:15 20 Jun 2017

can you do ANYTHING with the printer , can you scan and copy a document with the pc turned off , you should be able to.

i found this web site full of error codes and light sequences it might help you.

click here

  jerica 18:54 20 Jun 2017

Hi Fruitbat, no, it doesn't flash when not connected to the PC, just stays green.

MJS Warlord, it's not a printer combo, it is just a scanner

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:07 20 Jun 2017

have you got the correct drivers for your version of windows 10 i.e. 32 bit or 64 bit

64 bit drivers click here

  jerica 14:51 21 Jun 2017

Drivers up to date and correct, settings says it's there but epson software says it isn't. Only get flashing amber light when connected to the PC. If I disconnect it the light still flashes until I switch it off and on again then it goes back to green until I connect it to the PC again.

  polymath 10:23 22 Jun 2017

Have you ruled out a faulty cable/connection needing more pressure?

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