Connecting phone to pc has changed

  gazmix 14:55 24 Sep 2016

Hi So when before I connected my phone to pc via USB, my computer would open up a my phone was there which I could open to transfer files etc. I've just got a new USB cable and when I connect the same way I get the 'new hardware wizard' opening to help install software for MTP device. I click next, the wizard searches and then says there was a problem installing the hardware MTP device, the required section was not found in the INF. Help appreciated. Gaz

  gazmix 14:26 28 Sep 2016

In a nutshell, my phone doesn't appear in 'my computer' like for example when I connect a USB stick. Instead I get the 'new hardware wizard' to help install software for the MTP device, when I click on next, it says there's a problem installing the hardware MTP device,the required section was not found in the INF.? Help appreciated.

  Burn-it 19:14 28 Sep 2016

Was the phone recognised as an MTP device using the old cable? Is it the same computer and the same port? Have you done any updates to the computer or phone in the meantime.

By the way, it should be recognised as an MTP device. That is the correct mode for the phone.

  gazmix 15:41 30 Sep 2016

Hi and thanks for reply.

No, the wizard never started before, I'd just connect the phone to the pc then a little window would open asking me what I wanted to do e.g. open to transfer files between pc and phone or I'd open 'my computer' then double click my phone.

No updates but updates were never a problem in past.

  gazmix 15:27 02 Oct 2016

Is this one for webuser lol

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