Connecting PDA to wireless network problems

  QinesiQ 14:38 27 Sep 2006

Connecting PDA to wireless network problems

Hi could anyone please help me?

I am trying to connect to the internet wirelessly on my HP IPAQ via my Linksys wireless BB router.

My IPAQ can detect every wireless network in the neighbourhood (including mine). I have even managed to (accidentally) get on the internet (v briefly until I figured out that I wasn’t on my network) onto a neighbours network but I am at a loss to get on to my own!!

My ipaq shows my connection and displays “connecting” but that’s as far as I get on my own network.


IPAQ 2790
Linksys WAG54GS
ISP Eclipse

Thank you in advance

  Strawballs 09:32 28 Sep 2006

What encryption do you use on your network and is the the PDA capable of the same?

  QinesiQ 11:38 01 Oct 2006

There are 2 encryption methods available on the WAG and one of them is the same as on my ipaq. I have selected this option for both (tkip).

On the security mode there are several options but I am not sure what the difference is btwn: WPA-personal, WPA2-personal and WPA2-mixed (there is also open and WEP). The ipaq has: WPA and WPA-PSK (along with open and shared). Do you know which ones are compatible?

Thank you for helping.

  ade.h 11:56 01 Oct 2006

Temporal Key Integrity Protocol is an algorythm - not an encryption standard - that is used by WPA (Wifi Protected Access). WPA2 uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) instead. WPA Personal is the same as WPA-PSK (Pre-shared Key) ie, it does not employ a RADIUS server.

WPA2 is the final definitive spec of WPA, which was actually a draft form - albeit a very effective one - that received ratification out of a pressing need to replace the flawed WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) system. WPA2 Mixed allows use of WPA2 on a router/AP when some clients may only support WPA. Because of WPA's integrity, WPA2 Mixed is not really worth trying to use. Only use WPA2 when all clients support it. Products that have been ratified since March 2006 must have WPA2 and Windows XP has supported it since last year.

  QinesiQ 17:26 01 Oct 2006

Thanks ade.h

I'm not sure I understand it to your level (or ever will) but thank you for your excellent explanation of those. I think this has clarified things for me and I will have another fiddle.

I am convinced that the problem lies with me and my configuring rather than anything else!

Thank you again I really appreciate all your help (and all your other posts too).

  ade.h 17:29 01 Oct 2006

Thanks. I hope that wasn't too technical and esoteric, but it's not easy to explain the details of encryption without getting a bit techy!

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