Connecting up pci usb ports (Advice needed Please)

  STEVE71163 06:29 31 Jul 2003

I need to put a pci usb ports card in my pc but when i plug the card in a pci slot the machine will not boot up at all. Any idea of what i can do? It is supposed to be plug and play but i have tried two seperate cards in different pci slots but it will not have it? I know the pci slots are ok because i tried a different device in with no problems.

  jimv7 08:24 31 Jul 2003

Try another usb card, the 1 you have could be faulty.

Also is usb enabled in the bios.

  scotty 08:28 31 Jul 2003

USB connectors supply power to attached devices. Could it be that your computer power supply cannot cope with the extra load placed upon it by the USB card? What is the rating of your power supply unit?

  -pops- 08:30 31 Jul 2003

You could have problems if your machine is old and doesn't recognise USB.

  STEVE71163 08:35 31 Jul 2003

Thanks for replys. No i built my machine in January of this year and it has a 300w power supply but i have just been looking at something on google and it says you should unplug and uninstall all existing usb devices before installing card and windows will re set them up when i re boot?

  DieSse 08:37 31 Jul 2003

Seems a bit odd that the system won't even boot up. Can you supply a few details about your system please.

Also, try - go into the BIOS - find the section PNP/PCI Setup (or similar) - change the PNP OS installed to YES - Put the Reset Configuration Data to ENABLED (it will automatically go back to disabled afetr the first boot)

You may have to interpret the BIOS changes a little, as they vary.

Also, if you have a sound card, try with it removed and/ in a different slot.

  DieSse 08:38 31 Jul 2003

should read ... and/or in a different slot.

  STEVE71163 08:41 31 Jul 2003

Thanks for replying. My system spec is: ECS K7S6A m/b and two 80 gb western digital hd, 512mbddr ram, Radion 9000 128mb ddr graphics.

  DieSse 08:49 31 Jul 2003

Should be no problem then - try what I suggested.

But don't you already have 4 or 6 ports - is there a header on the motherboard not connected?

  STEVE71163 08:58 31 Jul 2003

Thanks DieSse. I just done what you said and the reset configuration was disabled. Would this stop it working? Also the reason why i want to use a pci usb card is because the sis7001 chipset conflicts with my usb broadband modem.

  DieSse 09:03 31 Jul 2003

"the reset configuration was disabled."

It's always disabled - when you enable it, it re-sets up the PCI slots to their new configuration, then disables itself again.

Did it work tho' - you didn't say.

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