Connecting Palm Pda with AOL

  [DELETED] 20:29 06 Sep 2003

I want to connect my palm pda to the internet with AOL. I have a palm m130, AOL tech support don't provide support for Pda's. And before i fork out a palm modem i would like to know if anyone has accompished this? Does anyone know how?

I am aware that all other isp's offer a service for pda connections, it seems AOL dosen't How very strange..

  [DELETED] 20:43 06 Sep 2003

Don't know much about PDA's, so can't help direct with your question. Although AOL do not offer tech. support for several things, "Networking being just one", it doesn't mean they won't work with AOL. I think that they are more likely than not getting round to offer their own method of connecting.

Meanwhile if one of the forum members has not got the answer to your question, then go into AOL's own help forum and message boards, if the answer is not already there, then it won't be long before one of them will come back to you with the answer, they do with networking questions, and it works just as well as with any other ISP. j.

  [DELETED] 21:21 06 Sep 2003

I have used my palm m105 to connect to aol through the infra red ports on my phone and my palm and i think i downloaded from aol something called aol aim. I hope this helps but i can not remember much more because i have not used my palm for this for ages.

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