Connecting to NTL BB via router

  Pusherman 16:30 03 Mar 2005

At the moment I have my NTL cable set top box connected to the USB port on my WinXP Pro box and I'm connected to the internet fine. I want to connect another pc (Linux) to the internet also so I got a router and tried that.

I connect the cable from my NTL box to the router and then connect the two PC's to the router. On the router I have several lights; LAN 1 to 4 and WAN Link/ACT. When I connect the PC's to the router LAN 1 and 2 light up, this, according to the manual, indicates that the two ports are connected to a 100Mbps Fast Ethernet station. This I assume means that the router can 'see' the two pc's. However, the WAN Link/ACT doesn't light up at all. The manual says that when the router is connected to a xDSL/Cable modem then the light should light up green and flash when data is being transmitted.

How do I get my router to 'see' the NTL set top box?

Has anyone got their PC connected to NTL BB via a router and cable set top box?

Thanks for any help

  Reevey11 17:25 03 Mar 2005

Make sure that the cable box is actually unplugged from the mains-not just switched off. Then connect the router and pc and power up the router. Now power up the cable box. You should get a flashing green light on the cable box, after a short while it should change to a steady green light. Only now power up the pc.

This method worked for my router (Buffalo airstation) and touch wood no trouble since. I do sometimes have to reboot the cable box as it sometimes gets confused.

You might also need a crossover ethernet cable-it depends on your router

Hope this helps

  Pusherman 19:40 03 Mar 2005

I don't know how much you get paid but it isn't enough!

I did need the cross over cable and once I reboot in the sequence you suggested everything just worked.



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