Connecting to Norton for updates

  palinka 21:52 26 Nov 2003

I use AVG; when I want to update I click on Update Now and it dials my isp autiomatically to check for available updates. But my friend who uses Norton AV has to connect to her isp first and then click on Update Now (or whatever Norton call it). Is there some way of making it dial up automatically as AVB does?

  palinka 21:54 26 Nov 2003

Sorry, typo: last line should read should read "as AVG does".

  eddie937 22:00 26 Nov 2003

people are human and do make mistakes palinka

  palinka 08:50 27 Nov 2003

Please, does someone have a solution to what seems a minor problem - how to make Norton dial-up itself to get updates when she manually forces an "update now". To have to connect separately to the isp seems a crazy way of doing this.

  velodrome 11:08 27 Nov 2003

I have BB and when I click on "live update" in Norton AV, the programme automatically connects to the Symantec database. No need to connect to the ISP first.

  palinka 12:29 27 Nov 2003

Thanks for this help everyone.
I'll see if that fixes it for her.
I think the problem is that she has automatic live update ticked, but as she has been on line only 6 times in last 4 months and each time only to receive a single email, she ended up with a virus (now cleaned)because Norton hadn't been able to update in the brief time she'd been on line. It seems wise to keep auto live update ticked, but I've advised her to manually look for updates once a week, just in case. It's that manual search that doesn't dial-up automatically (unlike AVG).

  bretsky 13:52 27 Nov 2003

Providing your friend has auto live update ticked and she has paid her live update subs, when she goes online NAV should detect this and provide live updates!!!!..............bretsky<;>)

  Yokel 15:33 27 Nov 2003

Could it be that the Internet Properties - Connection - dialup option needs to be the same as yours, not something in Norton.

  palinka 16:04 27 Nov 2003

that's what I would have hoped, Bretsky; but it doesn't seem to work like that. Yokel, thank you, that may be the answer. I'll poke around and see what I can discover.

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