Connecting to a Network Printer, - I'm Stuck

  thegreypanther 10:21 21 Apr 2012

My main PC runs Windows 7 and uses a Samsung laser printer PC1). My wife's PC (PC2)runs Windows Vista and is networked to PC1 using a wireless network. PC2 can access both the internet and PC1's files/folders using this connection. But I cannot get it to access the printer on PC1.

If I select "Add a printer" on PC2 it only sees the inkjet already connected to PC2. If I then click on PC1 on the network icon in Windows Explorer, I am asked for User Name and Password in the dialogue "Connect to PC1". Whatever combination of User names / Passwords I have tried fails.

Am I correct that the password is the PC1 network password? Or is there a network password for PC2? Where do I find the User name?

Any advice given will be much appreciated.

  Jollyjohn 12:55 21 Apr 2012

OK on PC1 ensure the the printer is shared. Then ensure it is on and active, not on standby.

On PC2 Open Control Panel Devices etc Hardware and sound Add printer Select "wireless, network or bluetooth printer" Hopefully the printer on PC1 should be listed. Click on it Install driver if needed, allow, when prompted. The process will complete and a test page can be printed.

If any of these steps fail let me know what, if any, error messages you get.

  thegreypanther 14:05 21 Apr 2012


The printer is shown as shared on PC1. On PC2 the printer isn't shown, but if I then select "Browse for a Printer" PC1 is shown on the network (But no printer).

If I now select PC1 from this network option, I am asked to enter the Network Password. I duly copy this from the page "View and print your Homegroup Password" on PC1.

But no matter what "User name" I enter, - e.g. Workgroup, Homegroup, my own name etc. etc. I always get a "Login failure... " result.

All very odd, as PC1 has been set up to share Pictures/Music/Documents/Videos/Printers.

And I've even changed the password so that it uses characters that I'm not likely to mis-type!

  rdave13 14:34 21 Apr 2012
  Jollyjohn 15:19 21 Apr 2012

You state PC2 is on Vista - At what point do you get "Browse for a printer"?

If I go to Control Panel Hardware and sound Printers Add printer - I then get a box entitled Add a printer and the choice to add a local printer or add a network printer. If I select Add a network printer then Vista searches automatically and finds my printer on my W7 pc. The option at the bottom ask - Printer not listed - if you follow this link, a box pops up to "find a printer by name or tcp/ip address" If you select "Browse for a printer" you get a list of PC's on your network. Is this the point at which it fails?

If so we need to change a setting on PC1.

  thegreypanther 15:40 21 Apr 2012

Brilliant rdave 13!!! and many thanks Jollyjohn.

All the time the problem was with needing to TURN OFF password protection on both PC1 and PC2. After that, everything went like clockwork!

The procedure shown by rdave 13 works a treat.

  Jollyjohn 15:43 21 Apr 2012


Sorry about the delay, had to stop Vista and boot W7

On PC1 go Control Panel, network and internet, homegroup, change ADVANCED sharing options. Scroll down and "Turn off password protected sharing"

Hope this now works.

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