connecting my wireless laptop to my cable modem

  digdugy 17:50 22 Feb 2004

hi there,can you help me with this problem.i purchased a wireless laptop ,and (1) x micro wlan 11b acess point, and (2) x micro wlan usb adapters with they laptop...please can you tell me if this hardware i recieved with the laptop can be used with my tellywest broadband blueyonder cable modem.its a motorola surfboad sb4100 modem, i have a fa311 fast ethernet pci card fitted in my pc. and i am trying to connect my wireless laptop to my pc.can you tell me if i need a broadband router.and does a wireless laptop reqire a pc1 card to get connected to they internet.or do wireless lap top have a card fitted as standard..please can you help ..

your douglas thompson.

  SEASHANTY 20:06 22 Feb 2004

See if you can find out the info you need on Robin Walkers webpages. He covers both NTL and Telewest
Broadband cable modem network issues - just a question of finding the right info for your system.
I use an NTL cable modem with 2 Pc's using a WIRED
ethernet connected setup. USB setups sometimes cause problems due to drivers. Anyway the website link is
click here

  silliw 21:14 22 Feb 2004

You dont state what Op Sys you use but this is the basics for you

Leave your modem attached to your main PC on your ethernet card.( it will act as host for the internet)

Attach a wireless usb adaptor to both laptop and PC and configure them as peer to peer to talk to eachother

Go into connections on the main pc (host) and set the ethernet card as shared and to share the internet connection.

You can do most of this using the network wizard if you have windows xp.

  digdugy 22:11 22 Feb 2004

yehh my operating systerm is( xp )can you tell me what peer to peer means, as am not to sure about that ..

  SEASHANTY 16:19 23 Feb 2004

The SB4100 cable modem seems quite versatile with this specification
click here
and I presume that the micro wlan usb adapters are similar to these on this website
click here
so as silliw says, it should be fairly easy to network your laptop and PC using the wlan usb adaptors and using the main PC as a gateway to the internet. Perhaps the F.E. will come in on how to
connect up the USB wlan adaptor to the cable modem.
I presume that your ethernet setup already has a registered MAC address with Telewest Blueyonder. There have been several threads on this forum where changing over the ethernet internet access to USB has caused problems and it has mainly been a driver problem. I haven't enough knowledge on this so cannot help here.

  JerryJay 16:26 23 Feb 2004

If you have a 11b access point, you just need to connect this with your modem. Many Access point normally has wired port as well, you just connect your main pc with this Access Point. Your laptop can communicate wirelessly with Access Point which you have. If your access point does not have wired port, you just connect your main PC with Modem via USB.

  digdugy 21:43 23 Feb 2004

yehh thanks for you imfomation.well the problem i havin is .i install the wlan usb adapters on my pc and laptop.then they ask you to configure your pc local area connection ,with they ip address that they give you ,when i do that you can access the ap configuration typing in .after doing this i can access this configuration page on my pc ok . then you have to do the same thing on your laptop,i can configure the laptop ok but i am unable to check if it has configured correctley as i cannot get they (ap)configuration page on my laptop ,they ask you to type in 192168.1.2 as my (ip)my laptop askes me to connect to they internet..mywlan access point has got a local area connection socket on the back of they unit. but you have not got connect anything to they wireless access point, while i am setting this configuration up.on pc or can anyone tell me how i can check the ap cofiguration page,when my laptop is not connected to the internet.better still can anyone tell me step by step how to configure my pc and wireless i can get on the internet useing my laptop.

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