Connecting My Video Card To My Tv

  [DELETED] 03:07 31 Aug 2003

Whats happening yall

Quick Question, where would you guys go if you wanted to get a cable that would connect your Nvidia GeForce 4 to your television. The Cable that came with my card is mising, and I need a new one. I Couldn't find one at the cards' site, and none of my local computer parts suppliers were any help. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks

  hugh-265156 04:12 31 Aug 2003

"The Cable that came with my card is mising"

if its a new card,bring it back and ask nicely for a new one that comes with the correct adapters and leads supplied in the box.

there is no standard s-video connection when it comes to graphics cards.some cards use a four pin s-video connector,this is the kind you find on dvd players and tvs etc.if so,you can pick up an s-video to s-video or s-video to composite or s-video to scart lead in any good home entertainment/hi-fi store.

seven or eight pin svideo connectors are also used.the adapter supplied with most cards is a s-video to composite adapter, you should be able to pick one up from maplins or similar.

  [DELETED] 07:19 31 Aug 2003

Why do you want to connect your computer to your television set?

If it's to watch DVD movies, remember that you can get a standalone DVD player for less than £40 at loads of places now.

If it's to use your TV set as a monitor, note that the definition of the CRT in a television is very, very much lower that of a computer monitor and the text as you are reading here would be most likely just a blur on a TV.

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