Connecting to my friends pc

  Timich 12:42 19 Feb 2003

Hi Guys,

This is probably so simple that I'm going to make myself look like a complete idiot :)

I want to connect to my mates pc, I got dial up, he's got broadband. I'm running xp. How do I start?

  Lozzy 12:50 19 Feb 2003

First are the PC's in the same room or building? If yes, then you need 2 10/100 ethernet cards one Xover (not patch) RJ45 cable insert the cards attach the cable then follow the wizard to create a network on XP and the other PC..

if you do a search on Google you will find many helpful websites to assist

  Timich 12:53 19 Feb 2003

No, he's on the other side of the city :)

  Lozzy 12:54 19 Feb 2003

Then you can but your into major expence

  Timich 12:57 19 Feb 2003

I just want to connect. dial up to dial up on win95 was no problem, but xp doesn't make it clear as to how to 'dial-up' his broadband pc. We only want to play AoM.

  Lozzy 13:01 19 Feb 2003

yes you can use dial-up but not dial-up and broadband needs to be the same connection type.. Your question reads as if you wanted to create a home network. Please be specific in your question to get the correct answers back

  Timich 13:03 19 Feb 2003

So you're saying that it's impossible?

That I need to get broadband?

Arhhhh... that's terrible!

  Lozzy 13:05 19 Feb 2003


  deadneat 13:07 19 Feb 2003

AoM ? What is this.
I have connected to Quake 3 games by knowing a friends IP address and entering it in the appropriate place.
Good luck

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