Connecting to my friends computer

  aph 14:31 05 Jul 2003

My friend is on the same network as me and I can send a successful PING to her IP address but when I try and search for her computer name or use network neighbourhood to find her her computer does not appear ?


  jazzypop 14:38 05 Jul 2003

The first thing to check is that she has disabled any firewall, or configured it to allow you to connect.

Next, make sure that she has shared a folder (or folders) - right-click the folder and choose sharing.

If that does not fix it, check out the useful advice at click here

If you are still stuck,post back, and include which version of Windows you are both using, and how you are connected (e.g. via a crossover cable, router etc).

  aph 15:05 05 Jul 2003

It is really strange.....

From her computer she can see MY computer and there are other computers that we can both see.
Only difference between us is she has WINXP and i have WINNT ?!!

I thought, as a minimum, I should be able to see her computer in Network neighbourhood (as she can see mine)


  keewee 15:53 05 Jul 2003

You should enable file and print sharing on the xp computer, and make sure that the user account you log on to the NT machine with exists in the local users and groups under Computer Management in XP. I assume though, that you are using a workgroup, and not a server based domain?


  aph 16:36 05 Jul 2003

We are in a Domain which is managed from a server.

We have now involved another user and we are all iin the same domain and the same applies everyone can see my PC but I cannot see either of them even though I can PING them both.

The only thing we have noted is that their IP addresses are

and mine is

and we all have the same subnet masks.

(I have used 'x's to protect our addresses !!)


  jazzypop 17:17 05 Jul 2003

I presume this is your employer's network? If so, you need to contact the network administrator, as they will have the ability to block / allow connection between 2 PCs.

Trying to second-guess the domain server's setup from here is almost impossible, and telling you how to get around any restrictions your network admin has applied is unethical.

The fact that they have allocated different IP sub-nets to you indicates that you are not supposed to be browsing each other's drives (unless they have made a genuine mistake, which can be easily corrected).

  keewee 23:47 05 Jul 2003

Depending on your subnet masks, you could both still be in the same subnet, if the network is configured thus. As you can ping each other, sharing files will still be possible. As this is a domain based network, icky little things like permissions could be the reason behind the problem.
In order to help you help you further I would need to know a lot more information, and you would probably be better of asking your domsin admin to set this up.
If you don't have a domain admin, come back to me here.


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