Connecting my computer via a 100m Cat 6 ethernet cable

  tadpolepatrol 16:49 22 Apr 2015

Hi thee,

I was hoping you may be able to help. I have recently had a studio built in my garden to work in. I have had a 100m Cat six ethernet cable connected (and run underground) to the back of my modem/router. My speed isn't that fast at my house, approx 8mgb, but it a lot slower at the studio when I plug the cable into the back of my computer... around 3mgb with an upload speed of well under 0.5mgb... Is there anything I can do to speed it up.. At the mo I'm using a plusnet router provided by them.. could this be the problem.

Hope you can help.

Kind regards

Colin Wilson

  Batch 17:58 22 Apr 2015

See here

Google is your friend ;-)

1]: [click here

  LastChip 00:29 23 Apr 2015

You're running right on the maximum length allowed under the specification and will suffer losses over a distance like that.

It is after all, minute voltages and currents we're talking about.

If the cable has been run with a power cable adjacent, you'll get some interference and this too will affect the efficiency. Data cables in general, should never be run parallel with power cables. If it can't be avoided, they should be the shielded type and earthed.

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