Connecting Mandriva To Internet

  dublincity 07:30 20 Oct 2005

I gave up on SUSE Linux because (after a month) I couldn't get connected to the internet. I gave up on Xandros Linux because (after a month) I couldn't overcome the problem of becoming disconnected from the internet after 10 minutes.

I've just installed Mandriva 10.2 - 2005 Linux from 3 CD's onto a spare partition. Does anybody know how I find the wizard for making the internet and email connections? Many Thanks.

  alan227 08:31 20 Oct 2005

Are you using dial up, a USB broadband modem or a LAN modem?.

  dublincity 09:39 20 Oct 2005

Hi - Thanks

I use dial-up narrowband via an external modem. This PC is set-up as a network with an old PC but the old PC has been out of action for several months.

I noticed on Mandriva that I could bring up a window about 'ethernet' but I don't understand it.


  alan227 17:36 20 Oct 2005

A firewall is automatically installed using eth0 instead of your interface to internet. To get back your internet access in the meantine, you can
either use MCC / Security / Firewall then OK and change the network interface to ppp+
or you can disable temporarily the firewall with this command after boot : "service shorewall stop"
or for advanced users edit /etc/shorewall/interfaces and replace the line "net eth0 detect" with "net ppp+ detect" then service shorewall restart.
this is necessary for all users connecting with a modem (analogic or DSL with pppoa or pppoe) or users connecting with another interface than eth0
A fix will be available in drakxtools updates. Once you've installed the updates, you have to reconfigure your firewall with the firewall tool from the Mandriva Linux Control Center (drakfirewall).

  dublincity 18:55 20 Oct 2005

Many thanks - I'll print that out - it's all strange to me. Cheers.

  dublincity 10:45 21 Oct 2005

The Linux terminology is a mystery to me. I've booted up into Mandriva and tried the two Run Commands but neither would be accepted. If I re-boot and start with a pristine desktop, what should I do next? Thanks.

  alan227 11:12 23 Oct 2005

When you opened the terminal to try to run the two commands were you logged in as root ( su ).

  dublincity 16:45 23 Oct 2005

Thanks. How do I change from being logged in as root ( su )to being logged in as somebody else?

I can get to the Network Monitoring window and get the message 'Verify your configuration in Mandrakelinux Control Center'. Is this anything to do with the process of making an internet connection? If so, where do I find the Mandrakelinux Control Center?

If I re-boot and start with a fresh desktop, what should I do next? Thanks.

  alan227 16:56 23 Oct 2005

I was trying to help you from my memory of Mandrake which I have not used for 18 months as I now use Fedora coe 4.
If you go to this site and click on Linux forums then select Linux distributions then select Mandriva you will be able to get an answer from someone currently using this distro.
click here

  alan227 16:58 23 Oct 2005

Sorry this link will take you stright to the Mandriva forum but you need to register to post so just scroll down the page and register.

  dublincity 17:29 23 Oct 2005

Hi - many thanks. I have registered on that forum. I'll beaver away trying to get to understand the new lingo. Cheers.

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