Connecting Lexmark 1400 printer wirelessly

  Lissielou 12:09 26 Nov 2007

Have laptop and desktop connected with wifi router. Got L1403 which should be wireless but totally confused. Setup both PCs and networked so that works with USB plugged into laptop but does the USB cable have to stay plugged in? Wifi light not showing at all and not sure how I set up another wireless connection, manual useless. HELP!

  brundle 14:43 26 Nov 2007

Can't find a single reference to a Lexmark L1400/1404 anywhere....sure that's the correct model number?

  brundle 14:43 26 Nov 2007


  Lissielou 15:41 26 Nov 2007

Sorry, it has somthing else on the box, but is known as the Lexmark 1400 series wireless printer. I got it from Bt for renewing my broadband.

  brundle 15:57 26 Nov 2007

OK, found the manual but it refers to the "Getting Started" part for installation ;
click here

Look on the printer for a MAC address, 6 pairs of hex digits - probably on the back. You probably need to add that to the access control list on your wireless router.

This might help; click here

  Lissielou 16:03 26 Nov 2007

I think it is a Z1420, I looked on the website.

  Lissielou 16:20 26 Nov 2007

Thanks very much Brundle, I will fiddle around some more tonight and try and see if it works.

  Nonny 15:32 02 Dec 2007

I have just received the same printer from BT for renewing my broadband contract. It is a Z1420 printer.I have set it up to connect to my PC and laptop wirelessly. It was fairly straightfoward. If you start with the first PC. Put the disk in and follow instructions. You only need to conect with the USB cable when it says. Remove cable when setup is completed. Do the same for the other PC. When it asks for PASSWORD, enter the "Wireless Key" on the back of the hub. This is either the "BT Home Hub Wireless settings" or the "BT Fusion settings" depending on which you have.

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