connecting laptop without wireless card

  b56c 11:38 21 Mar 2010

Hi everyone

we have a laptop which doesn't have a wireless card (it's about 10 years old but still in good nick). we would like to be able to connect it to our home wireless network but don't know how to do this. what hardware should we be looking for?

  mrmillimetre 15:16 21 Mar 2010

click here and make your choice

  b56c 16:33 21 Mar 2010

thanks mrmillimetre

is seems that the laptop needs to have a pcmcia slot. what does the pcmcia slot look like?

  mrmillimetre 18:33 21 Mar 2010

usuallly looks like this click here

  Tim1964 00:42 24 Mar 2010

Or you could use a USB dongle type adapter but they do tend to stick out quite a bit.

At least the latest PCMCIA cards have a lot smaller antennae now.

  Strawballs 09:56 25 Mar 2010

What version of windows is it running?

  b56c 16:21 25 Mar 2010

I think it's XP

  Miké 20:31 25 Mar 2010

I use this click here good range and one of the smallest on the market.

  Strawballs 22:31 25 Mar 2010

I only asked because that old it could have been running win 98 which would have limited your choice but with XP you can prob use all on offer.

  Tim1964 23:57 25 Mar 2010


Nice find, and wireless N as well. It does look like it is unlikely to be snapped off/out when moving the lappy around.

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