Connecting laptop to wireless connection

  Sharon29 04:04 13 Mar 2010

I am trying to set up a wireless internet connection for a friend. They have a D-link WiFi ADSL modem/router, the modem is connected through the phone line, desktop PC runs on this router and is connected by ethernet cable. They have a laptop that they would like to connect wireless to the internet using same account as desktop. How do I go about this, laptop has a wireless network adapter card, not sure if PC does but will check, if it doesn't I will get a wireless USB adapter. How do I then go about connecting the laptop.


  BurrWalnut 08:49 13 Mar 2010

1. You need to know the SSID (network name) and the Security Key. This is done by typing 192.168.x.y into a browser address bar window on the wired computer, which you should leave wired rather than change it to wireless. The values of x and y depend upon the make of router. If you don’t know the values, open a Run window (Windows key+R), type cmd /k ipconfig (note the two spaces) and press Enter. Make a note of the Default Gateway address and enter it into the browser window. When asked for the username and password, type the default values (if they are not known, look in the router’s user manual).

2. To set up wireless access, look for a section named wireless or similar wording and find an SSID name and a Security key. Perhaps change the SSID to something more meaningful to you but don‘t use obvious names, like your name. Also, if the key type is set to WEP, change it to one of the more secure WPA settings, unless computers with older WEP-type adapters want to connect. Now change the Security key and make a note of it and the SSID.

3. Your router may have a section that allows you to backup and restore its configuration details. If so, make a backup to enable you to easily restore the set up in the event of having to reset the router to factory settings.

4. The SSID and key are needed for any wireless computer to connect to a router. The software varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but generally it involves right-clicking the wireless network adapter’s icon in the Notification Area (bottom right of screen) and following the prompts to create the connection.

  Sharon29 11:50 14 Mar 2010

Thanks for the guidance BurrWalnut, I'm going to try and connect it tommorrow. Fingers crossed all goes well.

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