Connecting Laptop to TV via HDMI - No sound

  John-P 11:16 18 Jun 2011

Hi there,

I wonder if anyone is able to offer any advice, I have read the TV manual and searched various pages on the web but I cant seem to get the sound to come out of the TV.

I have an Acer Aspire 5738 laptop and an Alba LCD37880F1080P TV. I have connected the laptop to the TV using a HDMI cable. The picture is very good, but I can only get the sound to come out of the laptop and not the TV.

I know its not a major problem, but I would like to try and resolve it so if anyone can help that would be great.

Thanks, John.

  John-P 11:22 18 Jun 2011

Just to add, my laptop is on windows 7.

John :)

  John-P 11:36 18 Jun 2011

Hi Thank you for your reply. I have just done that and the little green bar is moving up and down as the music is playing but there is no sound coming out.


  John-P 12:10 18 Jun 2011

It has two options in playback devices

1) Speakers - This option uses the laptop speakers

2) Realtek Digital Output - This is the one I made default but the green equaliser bar goes up and down with no sound coming out

  John-P 14:39 18 Jun 2011

Hi no I don't have that.

I only have speakers and Realtek Digital output. I have ticked the show disabled devises and the hdmi one is still not there. How do I get it?

John :)

  woodchip 14:44 18 Jun 2011

it depends on the hardware inside a pc if sound can come through hdmi, looks like you will need to connect the headphone socket on the laptop to the sound in on tv

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:06 18 Jun 2011

Known problem see here for the nvidia hotfix

  John-P 18:34 21 Jun 2011

Hi Fruit bat,

Thanks for the link. I must confess im finding it a bit confusing, S/PDIF, GPU, DLP, DVI.

To be honest, which may sound a bit stupid, but I cant follow the instructions, its like another language to me. Also im on Windows 7, not vista. So im guessing that download would be the incorrect version?

Thanks, John

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