Connecting Laptop to LCD screen

  Jo77 11:04 08 Aug 2007


I want to connect my laptop to LCD screen to watch movies.

Philips LCD screen has VGA & S-Video connections. My laptop is Dell Latitude X300- which has Svideo & VGA also.

Whats the best way to connect laptop to screen? What do I need for audio? The manual for the LCD screen says I need audio left & right to Audio jack cable but I dont have left & right connections on my laptop (just one speaker & one headphone audio output). LCD screen has single audio in connection.


  holme 15:35 08 Aug 2007

For video, try simply connecting your laptop S-video OUT to the Philips screen S-video IN, using a standard S-video cable (various lengths available from, say, Maplin).

If that doesn't work first time, two things to check:

1) You may need to 'enable' the laptop video OUT. On some laptops, you need to press a 'Video' key to toggle the display from the laptop screen to the S-video OUT port (then press again to return video to the laptop screen). Check the Dell user-guide.

2) On the Philips screen, you /may/ need to select the S-video IN port. Check the Philips user-guide.

On the audio, you may well find the laptop speaker will still work as normal.

If not, can you use headphones, plugged into the headphone socket? You may even find this is in stereo!

Failing that, you could try connecting the laptop headphone socket to the LCD screen audio IN connection, using a stereo audio cable, with jack plugs at each end (probably 3.5mm).

If the Philips unit audio IN is a stereo socket but the laptop headphone socket is mono, that should still work (in mono).

But note that the laptop headphone socket sound level may be too low to drive the speaker(s). If the sound level is too low, you could then use 'active' speakers, i.e. ones with an internal amplifier.

HTH, and I'd be interested to know how you get on.

  Jo77 21:27 08 Aug 2007


Thanks for the advice. I have however given you false info- my laptop doesn't have an s-video connection.

So can I connect using VGA cable? I will try single to single jack plug for audio. I'm not sure I want to be restricted with headphones & distance etc.


  holme 22:45 08 Aug 2007

" laptop doesn't have an s-video connection."

In that case, simply connect the laptop VGA output to the VGA input on the Philips LCD screen, using a standard monitor cable. But before buying, double-check that the VGA sockets on the laptop and Philips screen are both 15-pin. Likely but, if not, get a cable to suit, or use an adaptor.

Run the movie on the laptop (for example using Windows Media Player) and the video on the Philips screen should be a replica of what's on the laptop screen.

I don't think you will need to do any video switching, but you may need to change the laptop screen resolution to suit the Philips screen (i.e. so the movie fills the screen).

To do that (if necessary), right-click somewhere on the laptop desktop background, select Properties and the Settings tab, then change the Screen Resolution setting. Click on Apply and OK.

I've checked the laptop spec and the headphone socket /is/ stereo. So it's worth connecting it via a stereo audio cable directly to the Philips audio IN socket.

But as I said before, don't be surprised if the volume level is too low. In which case, use a pair of 'active' speakers instead. HTH!

  ambra4 02:49 10 Aug 2007


This is how to set up your dell laptop to show on LCD display and get good audio

Connect the VGA cable that came with the display to the VGA port on the dell

Connect the stereo audio cable that came with the display to the headphone jack on the dell to the input of a good 3-piece speakers system with a sub-woofer. (Amplifier driven speakers)

Do Not Use The Speaker On The Display

Headphone jack will not have enough power to drive the speakers and most display sound thinly lack of bass

If no stereo audio cable came with display you can buy a stereo audio cable at any audio shop

If no speakers you will also need to buy a good set look at this site

click here=|c:371|&Recs=30

It all depend on how much you want to spend, low cost look at this one

click here

Medium cost more power good quality sound look at this one

click here

High cost more power, full accurate sound quality look at this one

click here

Power up laptop and adjust the sound to the level either via the laptop or the speaker volume control

To get the movie to show on the LCD you will have to use the FN (Function) Key and the F8 (CRT/LCD) Key

Hold down the FN key and press the F8 key

One press will show LCD display only,

Press again laptop display only,

Press again both laptop and LCD will show computer desktop

You should also change the laptop resolution to get the largest picture on the LCD

Right click on Desktop-Properties-Setting

  ambra4 02:54 10 Aug 2007

Sorry site to see

click here=|c:371|&Recs=30

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