Connecting laptop to broadband and router

  LC teacher 10:00 05 Jun 2007

Help!i am trying to use my laptop to connect to the internet but it seems very comlicated and i'n not great with these things! Firstly the main computer has been connected up to the internet using a speedtouch router and the technician who did it (from AOl) said that any computer would be able to connect up now. However when i connect up to Internet explorer on the laptop it says page cannot be found. I spent an hour on the phone to an aol technician who got me to do all sorts of configuring and clicking command into the run (in start) and finding the IP address etc. I did everything that he said and he kept saying it must be working now but it wasn't. On the taskbar of my laptop it says that i'm connected to the speedtouch router with excellent strength but then I can't actually get on Internt explorer. It is very frustrating because this laptop worked fine on the internet using a router at my previous address. Any suggestions or help offered cos i don't know what to do. The technician at aol said he couldn't offer any more suggestions except that my internet browser on the lap top had a fault. I don't understand that cos it worked at last house. There must be someone clever and knowledgeable out there who could help me i reckon... Lucy

  Strawballs 10:16 05 Jun 2007

What browser is on the laptop?

  Ikelos 10:17 05 Jun 2007

my first point of call would be to disable the firewall.and try again

  LC teacher 10:20 05 Jun 2007

Well I did disable the firewall on the main computer and on the laptop and it still didn't work - that is one of the suggestions on the phone last night.... thanks

  swagger 10:21 05 Jun 2007

Hi There,

I had similar problem when I recently purchased a new laptop. I may be repeating everything you've already been told but here goes.

Look on the taskbar on the bottom of your laptop and click on lan connections.

This will list all the wireless networks in your local area.

You should see your lan. Click on it to connect.

You will probably need the password that was used when you set up your router.

Hope that helps.

I must admit my original set up was installed by a local computer guy, cost £54.00 but was well worth it.

Good Luck



  LC teacher 10:22 05 Jun 2007

I'm clicking on internet explorer on the dsktop and trying to get onto google which has always beenh set. I have also tried going onto internet through the start button......

  Strawballs 10:27 05 Jun 2007

What version of IE are you using?

  LC teacher 10:28 05 Jun 2007

I think I did all of that with the LAN settings and to be honest the fact that it says i'm connected to the router made the technician confused and he kept saying it should work but it doesn't. I just don't know what else to do. Could it be something on the main computer that is stopping my laptop - although i did disable the firewall and that didn't help...

  LC teacher 10:30 05 Jun 2007

I will check the vesrion but the laptop is only 2 years old and has WInXP on it. The main computer is new ish and has winxp too

  postie24 15:22 05 Jun 2007

Go on to the router homepage and temporarily disable the encryption,can you connect now?

  flyingbrit 17:05 05 Jun 2007

LC...I know this might seem a silly question, but have you signed onto AOL before you try to open IE? If not you must do this first on AOL then open IE.

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