Connecting Lapto to TV

  307camel 15:35 17 Mar 2012


I have tried connecting my laptop to my LG LCD screen using HDMI to HDMI and have not had any luck. I have changed the laptop settings to external screen and changed the TV input source etc etc but still get "No signal".

Giving up on HDMI, i tried with a VGA to Scart cable. Still no luck!

Any ideas?


  woodchip 15:47 17 Mar 2012

Is there a PC input on your TV vga normally so you connect vga to vga then set tv IN ITS SETTINGS

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:01 17 Mar 2012

i tried with a VGA to Scart cable. Still no luck!

basically these cables do not work you would need an adaptor


Do not use the Fn + F key arrangement to swap to external as that is for the VGA socket. Connect the laptop to the TV and then you need to alter the settings in the laptops display settings, You should then see somewhere a pull down menu that allows you to choose your connection. You should be able to highlight HDMI.

  307camel 10:45 19 Mar 2012


Tried a different HDMI to HDMI cable on the laptop which supports HDMI and it worked! Is this "heard of" to have a HDMI cable that is duff. It is a 5 metre cable so I wonder if this caused the issue (i.e. signal loss)?

VGA to Scart will not work (thanks Fruit Bat for advice).

For my non HDMI laptop, I will use a VGA to VGA cable and then a phono cable for sound.

Thanks Guys.

Any ideas on the HDMI cable I have will be useful.

  Nontek 14:36 19 Mar 2012

Tried a different HDMI Cable - fine, glad it works, but are you aware that there are several different types of HDMI Cable?

HDMI Connections

  307camel 16:51 19 Mar 2012

No, I was not aware!

What are the different types and how can you distinguish.

I thought they were all 19 pin?

  Nontek 17:01 19 Mar 2012

Different types shown in my link above.

However, I was getting myself a little confused, thinking of DVI not HDMI - with apologies!

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