connecting lan to lan

  feredo 22:33 21 Feb 2005

connecting LAN to lan

Anyone help with connecting my lan
The connecter on the out side on the lan card, on the desktop, seems like a small type plug that you find going into say a phone

The out on the laptop lan card seems to be very flat and thin.
Do I need an adaptor or something.

  LeadingMNMs 22:41 21 Feb 2005

Ok, I assume that your just trying to connect two computers together to create a Local Area Network. I also assume that your using an ethernet cable (crossover in this case) to connect them together. The cable should connect to ports that look the same on both computer. click here for a picture of what the port should look like.

If you don't have the correct port (which is unlikely on any modern laptop) then you'll probably have to buy an expansion card.

  feredo 22:57 21 Feb 2005


Hi Yes this is what the lan looks like on the desktop.
The lan on the laptop is a card type, type 2 i think, that fits into the laptop

But the fitting on that looks nothing like the other one.

  LeadingMNMs 23:09 21 Feb 2005

The ports should be the same on both computers, and I have no real idea what ports you have available. Most laptops in probably the last 5 years normally have an ethernet port onboard. If you don't have the port then you'll need something like this click here, assuming that you have a spare PCMCIA (Cardbus) slot.

Do you have anymore details on the card that you have ?

  feredo 23:48 21 Feb 2005

Yes this is what i have in the laptop,push into slot in the laptop.
But the in/out connector seems different to the other plug.

  Chezdez 09:40 22 Feb 2005

go to network connections (start > control > network connections), what shows up in there?

any chance of a picture of the slot on the laptop?

host the pic on here click here

and post the 'direct link to image', then we should be able to tell you what is wrong

  Yoda Knight 12:31 22 Feb 2005

sounds like ur missing the female connector that plugs into the pcmcia card on the laptop. The lan cable plugs into this as on a normal nic

  FelixTCat 17:46 22 Feb 2005


Please tell us the exact make and model of the laptop card.

  feredo 22:26 22 Feb 2005


Its a etherlink 111 for 10base-T By 3COM
A Lan PC card
Say PCMCIA 2.0/2.1

Any help

  feredo 22:47 22 Feb 2005


[url=click here][img=click here][/url]

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

  FelixTCat 23:07 22 Feb 2005

Thanks. That certainly is a strange connector. Is there a model number beginning 3CXXXXXX or similar? Probably on the back side. There will be a range of numbers, including its MAC.

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