Connecting to the internet using a USB adaptor

  ivesy 20:15 26 Nov 2008

I want to connect my Desktop PC to the internet using a USB adaptor instead of connecting the ethernet cable from the router to the PC.

The Router is downstairs (because of problems connecting with the extension for upstairs) and the PC is upstairs. I have a 802.11g adaptor from a previous PC which I've never used.

Is it straightforward to connect? Could someone explain what I need to do? The adaptor is a D-Link DWL G122 and I'm using Windows XP. I don't appear to have any driver disks.


  Ashrich 00:18 27 Nov 2008

Assuming your router has wireless capabilities then all you need to do is to download the drivers for the D-Link adapter ( depending which revision it is ) run the driver set up , then plug the adapter in and let Windows find the driver , reboot the system and do a scan for available networks , find yours , enter the security code ( twice for XP ) and away you go .

Don't expect lightening fast connection speeds it only runs at 11mb/s ( 802.11b ) but it is likely that it will be faster that your internet connection .


  Ashrich 00:20 27 Nov 2008

Apologies , I see it is a G122 , that of course WILL run at 54mb/s ( 802.11g ) as well as 11mb/s .


  ivesy 16:35 27 Nov 2008

Thanks. I downloaded the set up program for the D Link but after running it nothing happened. After a couple of hours I gave in and went to PC World to get a new one.....

I got a Netgear WG111GE 54Mbps USB.

The problem is I still can't connect. But I think it's down to the Netgear software!

What's happening is the Netgear connect wizard takes over the searching for networks. It finds mine ok and the the little icon on the taskbar turns green except next to it on the taskbar I get a message saying 'acquiring network address'.

In reality I am NOT connected to the network yet the Netgear software says I am!

While I'm on if I leave the dongle in the PC when I reboot the PC refuses to boot beyond the splash logo screen. When I take the USB antenna off and reboot again the PC starts up fine! It also boots up fine if I plug it in after the initial 'beep' when the PC is booting up.

This is turning into a nightmare and I've already spent around 10 hours on it trying to sort it out!

Can anyone suggest anything I can do here? Does anyone have any experience of using Netgear equipment like this?

  Ashrich 23:06 27 Nov 2008

The booting problem is common , just take it out when youfinish and put it back in after restarting . To get windows to manage the connection double click on the wireless icon ( the Windows one , a single monitor screen ) and click on " properties " then on the " Wireless Networks " tab and tick the box at the top to allow Windows to manage the connection , try accessing the Internet again by inputting your security key .


  ivesy 18:35 28 Nov 2008

Ok, so do you think I should just uninstall the Netgear program and do as yousay after that, use windows to manage the connection?

The problem I had after uninstalling the Netgear software was when I put the USB antenna in the PC was wanting me to load the drivers for it.

Hopefully this will work. And thanks for the advice as it is really appreciated!

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