connecting to internet through dial-up

  steerstuffer 18:35 05 Feb 2009

I thought I understood this by reading many many threads on this subject but I am sooooo confused. I have a Dell desktop that has a built-in modem and it connects to the internet by dial-up. (Yes, I live in the hills. I have no options when it comes to this) Now, I have a Dell Vostro 1710 that doesn't have a built-in modem.(Surprised me). I want to use it around the house anywhere, wirelessly. Do I have to buy a modem and a router? I see some routers have built in modems but will they work with dial-up? Or should I use a wireless card on the desktop nd use ISC? What do I need? How do I connect it? Desktop-----router-----modem------laptop? How? Thanks

  woodchip 18:43 05 Feb 2009

Router is no good for Dial-Up you need a External modem
click here

Maplin click here

Wireless Dial-Up! have a read click here

  steerstuffer 19:14 05 Feb 2009

Could I configure the old computer to share its internet connection, and connect the new computer to the old computer via a crossover network cable or a wireless network card? Then the desktop would have to be always on though, right?

  woodchip 19:20 05 Feb 2009

Yes but it would be very slow with Dial-Up

  woodchip 19:21 05 Feb 2009

Yes but it would be very slow with Dial-Up

PS plus both computers would need to be switched on for it to work

  steerstuffer 19:25 05 Feb 2009

What about this? A friend recommended this but I thought routers wouldn't work?

get a wireless router and use it to create a TCP/IP network between the desktop(NIC) and the laptop(Wireless NIC). You can just wire the router to the desktop, unless you need it to be wireless for some reason.

run the 'network setup wizard' on your desktop to share the modem to your network using internet connection sharing (ICS)

run the 'network setup wizard' on the laptop to use the shared modem connection.

  woodchip 19:29 05 Feb 2009

Gamble but it may work

  Graham. 19:45 05 Feb 2009

BT used to sell a wireless dial-up modem, but I can't find it now.

  nickhick 20:04 05 Feb 2009

Graham. Google for 'Zoom' bluetooth wireless modem. I use one for dial-up, still and it works very well. You must, of course have a bluetooth dongle on your laptop/desktop to communicate with it.
My Zoom modem is plugged into the standard BT phone socket.

  Graham. 00:06 06 Feb 2009

Shy of googling are we? Please post a link.

  ambra4 04:02 06 Feb 2009

Zoom Bluetooth Modem

click here

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