connecting to internet in safe mode

  Camille 18:16 05 Mar 2003

I have wind98. I need to connect to reinstall directx and have been told to do so in safe mode - but the pc will not allow me to connect. how do i get a connection in safe mode?

  powerless 18:17 05 Mar 2003

You cannot.

  Stuartli 19:43 05 Mar 2003

Why do you state you have to reinstall it in Safe Mode?

Normally you just download it - or use a cover disk with it on - and install it...:-)

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 19:46 05 Mar 2003

As powerless says it is not possible, in safe mode only the barest drivers are loaded i.e windows 256 graphic drivers so no cd/dvd/souncard/modem etc if it is only directx you it is available on every coverdisc you care to name, the "old" version is on the windows disc (i believe) so you could install it from there then update? Perhaps if you explain the problem in more depth alternative solutions can be offered

  two00lbwaster 19:47 05 Mar 2003

or if you are on broadband then you could start up in safe mode with networking if it exists on win98(er i only use proper(ish)OS's now ie ones that dont crash rediculously)might also work for dial up if it has it

  muppetmark 21:02 05 Mar 2003

Direct x 9 is on this months XP mag cover disc

  Camille 21:51 05 Mar 2003

was advised to install in safe mode is why... however, if i can just do it anyway thats great.

final question on this... i read the directx postings and saw theres a question about whether certain graphic cards support dx9 - i have nvidia gforce2 mx100/200 and looked on nvidia site to see if i could find out, but i'm obviously not looking properly cos i couldn't find it.

is compatibility really a problem?

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