Connecting hard drive to tv

  cmak1987 08:38 28 Aug 2008

I was hoping that someone could help me.
I'm not the best with computers and was wondering how easy it is to connect a hard drive to your tv and if it is possible to use your tv as monitor. Also can this be done through most tvs or only certain ones?
Also could someone please give me a link so that I can learn quickly about different specs, what they are best used for and value for money in simple language?(this may be asking a bit much)

Thanks in advance

  jack 08:46 28 Aug 2008

Connewcting a harddrive to the TV
In straight Hdd and TV terms - no cando a certainamount of 'computing poweri is required for the one to connect to the other.
However- There are PVR's that is a DVD Recorder/players with Hard Drive built in.
And there is even a TYV with a harddrive supplied as an extra[click here]

Connecting TV as a monitor
a simple search in the PCA search box revealed
click here
That sholud keep you head scratching for a bit

  281apple 08:59 28 Aug 2008

I guess you want to know if it is possible to use your TV as an external monitor for your computer.
If that is your question, it is easly to do it providing you learn how to do it. Since you will be sending the image from your computer to your TV, you should use the VSHS TV connection on your computer for the outgoing image and an 24 item adpator which receives the cable and can be connected with the TV. That is the easiest part. Then you have to reconfigure the settings on your computer so that you will be using only one external monitor or using your normal monitor plus an external one. This is the ticklish part because depending on which graphic card you have, the settings are all a bit different. I suggest you go to a shop and ask someone to show you how to do it.

  cmak1987 10:07 28 Aug 2008

Thanks for your help.
as usual it seems that computers are never as simple as I hoped. I guess I'll have to do some proper research in the areas you suggested instead of being lazy.

  €dstowe 10:45 28 Aug 2008

Unless you have a very high definition TV, don't expect a very good computer screen on the TV set. An ordinary TV is next to useless as a computer monitor.

  Stuartli 10:50 28 Aug 2008

My youngest offspring regularly uses his 37in TV as a computer monitor (wirelessly) - the quality is excellent.

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