connecting guitar to pc

  [DELETED] 22:19 20 Jun 2006

how would i go about connecting my guitar to my pc? ive heard connecting directly doesnt produce a very good sound. If i wish to use the amp effects would i need to use a microphone to record amp output, or can i use the headphone or line in socket on the amp to connect to mic in on soundcard. Or do i need some kind of preamp or pedal first? thanx

  [DELETED] 22:46 20 Jun 2006

You better off using a mic to record the ouput of your guitar head/speaker.

You can get quite a variety of sound using this method by position the mic close to the speaker, further away, by position the speaker close to a wall etc. etc.

I'd suggest Audacity to record - you can make and mix multiple tracks, add effects and save a mp3.
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  woodchip 23:20 20 Jun 2006

You can connect to line in from Amp but you would have to make your own cable up with a mini jack and connect to speaker output of amp. Also turn volume down before trying it, raise it slow

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