Connecting fans.......yes, riveting stuff

  Bailey08787 12:37 08 May 2003


I've just bought a new case which has four case mounted fans (one at the rear, two at the front, one at the top).

I'm not too sure how to connect these. I've looked at my motherboard info click here&, which indicates two small 3-pin connector points. Looking at the connectors on the ends of the fan, the rear fan has a small 3-pin connector - so that's one done.

However, looking at the others, i'm not too sure how to connect them.

The front two fans (designed to draw air into the case), have black and red twisted wire coming from both, which combines into one, and at the end connects into a small black cylindrical shape, which is rubbery. What on earth do I do with that? How do I get power to these fans?

The top fan, comes with two connectors, both for standard 4-pin power - is it just a case of plonking in a connector from the psu that fits into this one?


  Paranoid Android 13:23 08 May 2003

My recommendation would be to wire the two front fans to a standard 4-pin molex female connector. Drawing that amount of current from a 3-pin motherboard header could exceed the rating of the fan header and damage the board.

Female Molex connectors are available from Maplin click here ref JW65V for £ 0.79 each. They contain the crimp solder terminals so you need to have or borrow a soldering iron.

The top fan can connect directly to an existing PSU connector.

An alternative would be to install a front panel with variable speed fan controllers and wire the fans to this.


  Bailey08787 14:07 08 May 2003

I need to solder on different connectors to my new case's new fans???

Surely they should be all ready to be connected to either a motherboard or a psu


  MartinT-B 16:04 08 May 2003

Which case Bailey?

I could take a look on-line and that would help :)

  Bailey08787 16:13 08 May 2003

Lian-Li PC-7

  Bandy 16:47 08 May 2003

This may seem silly but have you checked that small black rubbery cylindrical shape at the end of your fan wires.

I once had a case like that and the "rubber" was merely a protective coverover the socket.

  MartinT-B 16:51 08 May 2003

I have a Lian-li PC65B.

Same set-up:

1 rear case fan with 3 pin MoBo connector

1 Blower (top fan) with 2 x 4 pin Molex (1 male + 1 female)

2 Front case fans (linked via a speed control) with 1 x 4 pin Molex.

I have searched and searched and have found no reference to the black rubbery thing you appear to have.

I found a review from March 2003 click here of this case. They don't mention any problems with the front fan connector, and believe they would if there were one, so I rang the Overclocking Store (where I bought mine).

I have been assured by their Tech Dept (not sales) that all Lian-li cases with front fans should have a molex connector.

You need to return your case and tell them to change it.

  Bailey08787 16:52 08 May 2003

well, i hope so Bandy, but as far as i can remember, it looked pretty solidly connected to the ends of the wires.

If that is the case, (fingers crossed) will it be okay to hook these two fans up to one connector from the motherboard?

Oh and concerning the top fan, it has two 4-pin connectors (one female, one male) - which do i connect? or do i connect both?


  Bailey08787 16:57 08 May 2003

thanks for doing some investigating. I can postively say it hasn't got a 4-pin molex connector like the top fan has.

hmm - returning the case is not ideal - considering how it took me most of last night to get all the drives, motherboard, psu, cards, etc in.

  MartinT-B 17:03 08 May 2003

Regarding Blower (mines not connected btw)

The two Molexes (is that English) act as a relay. You connect one to the PSU and the other carries power on to whatever. As it's near the top, you can take it straight to your DVD or CD, or even to a Cathode if that's what you want.

But you don't have to use it. You can use a cable tie to keep it out of the way.

I suspect your fan molex has dropped off. You may well find that the black thing fits into the Molex and just needs a quick solder.

I would advise you to remove everything in the case before you do that. If you slip...........!!

  MartinT-B 17:06 08 May 2003


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