Connecting to an existing Network

  ccbn 14:38 18 Aug 2004

I purchased a Sony VIO laptop that allready had a network name (MSHome). I wish to connect it to my existing network which has a different name. Although I am logged on as a Administraitor, when I change the name in the Network Wizard, everything works ok, until I reboot, and then the name reverts back to MSHome. Can anyone help please.


  [DELETED] 15:13 18 Aug 2004

MSHOME is the default workgroup name in Windows XP. I had trouble with this when I connected an XP PC to an existing Win98 network. Win98 has the default workgroup name of "WORKGROUP" and in my infinite wisdom I decided to keep this. XP took a lot of persuading to accept the change. I think I had to tell it three or four times before it accepted the fact that I was serious.

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