Connecting existing broadband modem to new PC

  concretepigsy 19:23 29 Sep 2003

I am with Telewest Broadband and have bought a new PC with a network card. Two questions.

1. The old pc connected to the modem via usb. Can i run the service from the network card instead. If so how.

2. Can i plug the modem into the new pc and start where i left off, or do i have to configure the new pc. Someone told me you have to tell Telewest you have a new computer??

As always thanks

The Pig

  Forum Editor 19:28 29 Sep 2003

whether you have a new computer or not - you can use the service on any machine in your home.

You'll need to install the modem driver on the new machine, and any Telewest software that came with your connection documentation - I don't know what Telewest provide. If the modem is a USB modem (and most of them are) you must plug it into one of your new computer's USB ports - it will have at least two. Don't connect the modem until you've installed the driver software though.

  graham√ 19:36 29 Sep 2003

A network card is not a Broadband modem. As above, but if you connect the modem to USB, ensure nothing else is using the same hub.

  concretepigsy 19:45 29 Sep 2003

same hub graham??????

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