Connecting DVD Rewriter to Sound Card

  lightfeet 07:32 04 Jan 2004

On replacing my CD Rewriter by a DVD Rewriter I found there was no audio cable connected to the original drive, although an audio cable was connected to the CD Reader drive but the other end of the cable with 2 small connectors on it was hanging free & not connected to anything.

The DVD Rewriter came with an included audio cable. I have installed the DVD Rewriter without an audio connection & left the existing cable from the CD Reader drive disconnected. (So neither drive has an audio connection)

Can anyone tell me whether I should connect both the DVD Rewriter & the CD Reader to my sound card (Creative Sound Blaster Audigy) as everything appears to be working OK at the moment, or am I losing some facility without realizing it?

  Stuartli 11:29 04 Jan 2004

Rewriters are not the most robust or long lasting of devices whether CD or DVD types.

You are best using the CD-ROM for audio, installing software etc and the rewriter purely for burning purposes.

Proof is provided, if required, in manufacturers' drive specifications for estimated life span usage.

If your audio cable is not connected from the CD-ROM drive to the soundcard then you will not get any sound from audio CDs...:-))

  leo49 11:40 04 Jan 2004

No you're not losing anything - the IDE ribbon carries the signal - the audio cables are a redundant hangover.

  billyliv 11:50 04 Jan 2004

Hi, As leo49 says the IDE cable carries the audio signals but if you want to couple the supplied audio cables you will have an audio socket on your motherboard. Cheers, Bill

  cream. 14:14 04 Jan 2004

If you are unable to play audio c\d's through the drive then leo49 and billyliv are spot on in that the IDE ribbon cable will take the signal and the audio cable is not needed.

If still do not have sound from a music c\d do this.

for 98 + M.E. go to control panel \ multimedia \ cd music and put a tick in the enable digital sound for this cdrom.

for 2000 + X\P go to device manager \ cdrom dvd drives and open the writer. Pick properties and tick the enable digital c\d audio for this device.

  lightfeet 17:43 04 Jan 2004

Since posting this query I have found the answer at click here

Many thanks for your responses - Much appreciated

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