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Connecting dual monitors to Desktop

  bluetwo 10:49 11 Apr 2018

I have a DELL Inspiron Zino 410 HD PC and want to connect two 20" Yusmart monitors to it to form one long monitor. My eyesight is failing and I want to continue using my PC as long as possible. I have the monitors. Which is the easiest/cheapeast way to do it? Thank you all.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:32 11 Apr 2018

Do your monitors have VGA and HDMI inputs? If they do then connect a monitor to each of the ports on the back of your Dell to enable Windows dual-monitor mode.

...........My eyesight is failing ...........

Sorry to hear that. It's worth mentioning that the resolution on a wider display will be the same so it won't be any easier to see.

  difarn 15:07 11 Apr 2018

I agree with Secret-Squirrel. A larger monitor, or hdmi tv, may help to a certain extent. Have you tried all of the other options open to you to make changes to your present set up? I don't know which operating system you are using but this article explains various options available.

click here

  bluetwo 11:48 12 Apr 2018

Hi difarn, thank you very much for the article. I have copied it to Word and saved it on a flash drive. Also thank you Secret-Squirrel for your comments. Life might be a ot easier now! Kind regards.

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