Connecting a digital camcorder to your PC, help!

  bigpetemuse 21:36 05 May 2004

I am just getting into the idea of editing video on my pC. Great, only problem is i have a JVC DVL150 camcorder with DV out and a PC with USB connections. I only seem to be able to find firewire leads to connect from my camcorder. I could do with advice as to how to connect. According to my camcorder ( details written on the side) I should be able to connect DV to RS 232C. I can't. Please help!

  Lofty73 21:53 05 May 2004

Hi bigpetemuse
The only way of connection is via a firewire port
you can pic up a firewire pci card from ebuyer for around 15 quid have checked the spec of the camera and it only comes with firewire which is better than usb for video editing trust me

  byfordr 21:57 05 May 2004

click here

As above £15 or so firewire under £2 for the cable also at ebuyer.


  fazer 21:59 05 May 2004


I could'nt agree more with lofty73.

I've recently taken the plunge into digital video and belive me, its absolutely imperative that you nip out to PC World or such like, pick up a Firewire card and start uploading from your camera onto your computer.

You may also need to bear in mind that a Firewire works both ways - should you then wish to transfer your finished (edited) footage back to the camera for achiving. You do need to ensure however that your camera has a DV input!

  Lofty73 22:00 05 May 2004

The serial connection you mentioned is a connector devised by jvc to control the function of the camera not for downloading. The rs232 connection is too slow for video transfer

  jonnytub 22:00 05 May 2004

i agree with lofty, although you should ensure that the firewire cable pins are the right size, for example, my jvc has a small output firewire pin and the pc has a larger version for connection, therefore a wire with one large and one small end is required, this is usually standard, however i was fobbed off at the point of sale by an idiotic, desperate salesman, who sold me the incorrect type (both large ends) in the end i bought a converter (large to small)

  PUNKA 22:03 05 May 2004

check on ebay 3 port firewire card and cable brand new £5.99 luvvly jubbly !! good luck.

  bigpetemuse 12:25 09 May 2004

Many thanks for help chaps!!!!

Much appreciated!!!

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