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  raffaello1234 20:08 22 Jun 2017

Hello, I have a problem with my computer to TV connectivity. I have a Panasonic TV (TX-L37ETW5W, 3D, LCD) and I connect my pc with a VGA cable (15 Pins I think). My PC has these specs (MSI, MS-7693, x64-based PC, Processor: AMD FX(tm)-6350 Six-Core and a Nivida GTX-970) I hope this is enough information. So after I pluged in the VGA cable and start my computer it runs completly normal to the boot menu or the bio menu where you can chose to press del or f11 to get into some sort of system menu. Usually I never press any button because it's just loads a bit and then it lets me enter my windows 10 desktop. However when I have it connected to the TV after the "loading screen" it just goes blank. I tried using f11 and looking through stuff but I can't find a solution. It worked before but I have no idea why it's not working now.. So to sum up my problem: Connecting PC to TV -> Boot Menu loading time everything is normal -> after this thee screen does not show my Windows 10. How can I solve this? Also the screen blacks out in a weird way. It shows the resolution which is fine, I checked that, but after that it stays black and nothing happens, but I can still see the "PC" option in the top left corner of my TV. So my TV still works and it shows me all the options and I can switch to HDMI freely but this doesn't help at all since I use VGA. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated. Sorry in advance for my english, not my mother language.

  BRYNIT 21:16 22 Jun 2017

Do you have a monitor connected to your computer at the same time as the TV and do you get a picture on your monitor, if so press the windows key + P on your keyboard and you will get options PC screen only, duplicate, extended, second screen these options allow you to use either screen or both.

From the specifications of the graphics card (British version) it does not show a VGA (D-SUB) connection, if you are using an adaptor this may be the problem.

"I can switch to HDMI freely but this doesn't help at all since I use VGA". The video quality attained with a VGA cable is not as good as HDMI you can also send the sound direct to your TV via the HDMI cable so I'm confused as to why you are still using VGA.

  raffaello1234 21:25 22 Jun 2017

No, my PC monitor is connected to the PC by VGA (It's an old one lol) and I don't use the Pc monitor while I connect my PC to the TV (only have one VGA cable anyways). The reason why I don't use Hdmi is cause my PC doesn't have a hdmi plug. Thanks for your advice though, my frustration is because it worked perfectly fine before but suddenly it just decided not to.

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