Connecting to BT Home Hub

  ExPara 16:20 11 Mar 2009

I have just updated my broadband router from a BT Home Hub to a BT Home Hub2. On booting my computer which is running Windows XP it doesn't connect to the internet. I have to go through the procedure of entering the Wireless Key every time before it connects. On the old router, the connection was made on bootup. I have searched the help files looking for something that says "Connect to internet on opening of Windows" but without success. My wife has a laptop running Windows Vista and she connects without any problems on booting her computer. There must be a box to tick or un-tick somewhere, can anybody help?

  Ikelos 16:33 11 Mar 2009

have you ticked the box that says, let windows manage the connection

  ventanas 16:36 11 Mar 2009

I had the same thing with the Home Hub2, both my Vista machines connected every time, but the netbook my wife uses running that piece of tat called XP did just what yours is doing. It suddenly sorted itself after about two weeks.
I believe BT do some sort of monitoring for a short while before they set you up permanently. You may find your sorts itself as well,if not get Vista.

  Terry Brown 16:39 11 Mar 2009

Press the Windows key + Break key (Together) to bring up System Propeties, Select hardware,device manager, If there is a network controller listed, right click and select 'Uninstall'.

If no network device listed, select any item and proceed, without uninstalling anything

Then goto Action (top line) and select' Scan for hardware changes'.

This will check all your hardware and re-install it with the correct settings

  ventanas 16:41 11 Mar 2009


  ExPara 16:51 11 Mar 2009

Ikelos, where is this box that says "Let Windows manage the connection"?

  Technotiger 16:53 11 Mar 2009

In IE go to Tools>Internet Options>Connections and make sure that 'Never dial a connection' is checked.

  Ikelos 09:52 12 Mar 2009

right click the icon down by the clock, view available networks, change advanced settings, wireless networks, and it is at the top left..

  Terry Brown 10:32 12 Mar 2009

You say 'I have just updated my broadband router from a BT Home Hub to a BT Home Hub2',
There is a possibility that the 'old' settings are blocking the 'new'hub2.

This will clear the old settings and allow windows to find your router and install the new settings.

  Technotiger 12:46 12 Mar 2009

Or, why not give BT Broadband a call, I believe you will find them very helpful.

When I upgraded from BT HomeHub 1.5 to 2.0 I had no problems at all - and got double the speed of the old 1.5!

  ExPara 14:03 12 Mar 2009

Thanks for all your comments. When I opened my computer to-day, it went on line straight away. I hope that the problem has been permanently resolved.

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