Connecting Broadbandto 2 computers

  Yimbo 02:03 01 Dec 2005

I run a PC with Windows XP (Home ed.)with Broadband and I'd like to buy my wife a new laptop for Christmas. However I know she would want an Apple model - which she's already familiar with through her work. What procedures would be necessary so as to be able to use both computers on the one Broadband connection? Guidance appreciated!

  AndySD 04:57 01 Dec 2005

Who is your broadband provider and how do you connect th pc to the internet; eg modem to the pc by USB or network connection.

  Yimbo 16:43 09 Dec 2005

Sorry to be so long in responding AndySD - Christmas rush and all that! Broadband provider is Supanet via modem to USB on PC. I appreciate your help - thanks!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:50 09 Dec 2005
  Yimbo 01:32 17 Dec 2005

All I need is some guidance to allow my PC and my wife's new Apple G4 Laptop to be able to use the same Broadband connection - ie two computers geting B'band acces to internet for the price of one. Can it be done - and if so how.

  PaulB2005 08:06 17 Dec 2005

If the laptop has Wireless built in (called Air Port) then you just need an ADSL Wireless Router click here to replace the modem and then you can connect the PC wired and the laptop wirelessly.

If not, then as long as the laptop has an Ethernet port then you can get an ADSL router click here and plug both into that.

Before you buy anything - wait for someone else to confirm or rubbish what I've said...

  mgmcc 09:49 17 Dec 2005

What PaulB2005 has suggested is correct. If you install a combined "Router/ADSL Modem", which replaces your USB modem (because you cannot connect a USB modem to a router), then any computer that can be networked by ethernet cable or wirelessly will have internet access.

I'm sending this message from a "MacMini" plugged by ethernet cable into a router, which is also used by Windows and Linux. Because it is the *router* that connects to the ISP, not the computer, the computer's operating system is immaterial, provided it can be networked with the router.

  Yimbo 16:33 17 Dec 2005

I won't know whether your advice works till wife unwraps her new Mac at Christmas! I may get back to you!!!!!

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