connecting broadband at startup

  Tree3 16:25 11 Apr 2004

i have win 2k and i want it to connect to broadband when the computerstarts up but before it connects i ant the firewall to be up and running is there a way i can do this the firewall is Norton 2004 internet security, if there is a way could someone plewase suggest some options i could try

  hugh-265156 16:58 11 Apr 2004

most firewalls will auto start with windows unless you disable it in msconfig or in its program options is no different.

with broadband you are always connected providing your phone line or cable modem is attached.

  hugh-265156 16:58 11 Apr 2004

are you saying norton does not start with windows?

  hugh-265156 17:00 11 Apr 2004
  Tree3 18:26 11 Apr 2004

i am saying i want norton to load up first because the computer is on a bit of the slow side at loading before it connects

  hugh-265156 18:46 11 Apr 2004

slow start ups wont affect your security.

if norton loads up ok at windows start up albeit a bit slow your protected ok.

I think you are a little too worried. The time difference between Norton loading and you actually connecting is not that long and there is precious little that can get into your system in such a short time - especially as your IP address will be dynamic and ever changing, it is not as though someone could be "waiting for you" to connect.

I would simply create a shortcut to your connection and drop it in the startup folder in Programs. This will then run the connection when you boot.

I am sure that there would be a way of creating a small program to allow a little delay before executing the connection but that is beyond me I am afraid.

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