Connecting Broadband Modem to USB

  folaboss 16:21 10 Mar 2004

I will shortly be upgrading to Internet Broadband and I note that the supplied modem connects via a USB port. Three questions - can this be either USB 1.1 or the faster 2.0? Is there any advantage to be gained from using USB 2.0 (I would have to buy a PCI card)? Or,if USB 1.1 is OK, would I have to use an original port or could it plug in via a Belkin 4 port hub that I have added to my system?

  SEASHANTY 16:52 10 Mar 2004

You do not say what make of modem or even if its an ADSL modem so you leave people in the dark. I have cable BB using the NTL cable modem which uses the ethernet connection. It clould use USB but using easier entails an easier setup. This website gives info on most Broadband issues and on this page gives details of the Thomson Speedtouch USB modem which uses USB1.1 click here

  Gongoozler 17:06 10 Mar 2004

Your adsl modem will work fine on USB 1.1 or USB 2. As USB 1.1 is faster than the ADSL Broadband, using USB 2 will not give any advantage. I don't know the answer to your question regarding the hub, but whatever you use has to be able to supply the power taken by the modem.

  folaboss 17:40 10 Mar 2004

Sorry, Seashanty, that I was not specific. The modem is being supplied by BT and is ADSL. Answering Gongoozler, my Belkin Port hub has its own power supply. But, to be on the safe side, I think I'll shift things around so that the Broadbank modem gets an original port at the back of my PC and then I'll route one of my other peripherals via the port hub instead.

  Taw® 18:50 10 Mar 2004

advice is generally keep the modem to its own usb slot.

  folaboss 17:11 11 Mar 2004

I seem to have got the answers I want, i.e. that USB 1.1 is OK for the ADSL Broadband modem but that it's preferable to use its own dedicated port. Thanks to all.

  JACC 17:54 11 Mar 2004

I agree that the modem should have it's own usb slot , i've just tried to use mine (SpeedTouch 330 ) through a powered hub and there is just not enough power to satisfy all that use it. So it's round the back of your machine i'm afraid .

  SGT [email protected] 18:01 11 Mar 2004

my usb modem (dynamode) is plugged into a powered hub and i've had no problems at all with it.

one of the main advantages of a usb modem over the pci version is that if anybody u know needs windows updates or downloads that install straight to the hdd , then all you'll have to do is install the modem dialup software on to the othe pc and then connect the modem.

i've updated a number of pc's this way and it saves the hassle of taking a pci card out every time.


  Smiler 19:03 11 Mar 2004

I use a cable modem through a powered Belkin four port hub and it works perfectly. When I connect straight to the computer the usb connection tends to dissapear and I have to reboot to regain the usb connection. I put this down to the amount of computer power needed by each item connected to the computer's own usb ports but when connected to the hub this supplies any power needed by each item connected to the hub. Less strain on the computer's power supply unit.

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