Connecting to Broadband via an extension socket

  gillyb 19:47 11 Jan 2006

My question is - I would like to connect to Broadband, but my PC is sited away from the master socket. Having read the advice on this website and others, I realise that it should not be a problem if I fit a filter to each socket that has equipment connected to it. However, my master socket itself does not have any equipment connected to it, as some bright spark sited it on a very narrow window ledge I need to know if this poses a problem. I would add that the 1st(?) extension socket is sited approximately 2.5m from the master socket.

  jack 19:57 11 Jan 2006

I will interest in the input to this - going BB any day soon
Meanwhile take a look atclick here

  hzhzhz 20:28 11 Jan 2006

My router is in another room to the master socket and is joined with a ten metre cable. No problems.

  hzhzhz 20:30 11 Jan 2006

Also, up to 3 pc's connected wirelessly at any one time.

  VideoSentry 21:25 11 Jan 2006

gillyb My router is 3 floors above the main socket on a cable link ( put in by Me ) and I have no problems, just make sure that the cable you use is a good one.

  kbg 21:19 12 Jan 2006

no problem gillyb, I have 3 phone sockets in my house, [i put filters on them all], miles away from my computer and had no problem with my bb connection. Go for it!!

  mco 22:33 12 Jan 2006

Me too!

  driving man 23:56 12 Jan 2006

These days PC World and others are selling wireless routers for about£60+ ---why not go that way and get full usage of printers and scanners etc from wherever 2nd or 3rd PC is

  josie mayhem 23:34 13 Jan 2006

I'm lucky, I have a M £5 standard real extension lead that runs from the bottom of the lounge, down the hall and then around my office connected to my router where I run two desktops and connect one laptop... I suffer no loss of speed or connection problems (dropping of connection)

My friend who used a standard M extension cable from master socket to other side of there lounge, couldn't even get the connection let alone suffer it dropping! They had to buy a high quality grade of cable to enable connection to the broadband.

Apart from which cable to try first, the only other problem is insuring that you don't do as I first did! and that was when setting up the connection, I put the filter on the extension lead so that the line was split into phone and broadband, but when connecting the extension lead into the master socket I managed to re-merge the line again, and spent several hours wondering why I couldn't get a connection.....

  johndrew 11:29 14 Jan 2006

You shouldn`t have a problem. If you don`t use the master socket you shouldn`t even need a filter in it. The filter only allows the simultaneous use of both modem and telephone.

As for distance of modem from master socket, much depends on the quality of line signal. Most are good. My PC os two extensions away from the master socket - about 20m - and as you can see I have no problems.

  SB23 12:47 14 Jan 2006

I'm on BB,pc is approx 15m away from my main socket,as long as filters are in,you shouldn't have any probs.My extension lead was purchased from a local diy store.

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