Connecting to AOL without using their software

  CurlyWhirly 22:17 26 Jun 2005

I am sure that someone posted an article on how to achieve this but I have lost the link so could anyone post a link on how to accomplish this as I have just found out that I can use Outlook Expres as my e-mail client in place of AOL's.

I *have* done a Google but the solutions I have found result in error messages like:

'Error 797. A connection to the remote computer could not be established due to the modem being busy or not found'

and also:

'Error 691. Access was denied because the username and/or password was invalid on the domain'

I am using Windows XP Home with AOL 9 and a BT Voyager 100 USB ADSL modem.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  CurlyWhirly 12:55 29 Jun 2005

I haven't seen your name on here before but welcome ;0)

Your quote: "1. Open Network connections in CP. 2. Right click BT VOYAGER. 3. Click CONNECT. 4. Enter your AOL username ( [email protected] ) 5. Enter your password.


Due to me messing around with my connections yesterday I now have 2 different connections displayed in Network connections and both result in error messages when trying to connect :0(

click here

They are called AOL and AOL (Dial-up) which I never used to have before!

The ONLY way I can get online is through the AOL software!

  CurlyWhirly 13:00 29 Jun 2005

I will try out your way of doing things as in your 09:11 post but I don't really have that much time now as I am due to go to work shortly but I will try it out tonight when I come home.

  CurlyWhirly 12:16 30 Jun 2005

My new connection is working great but unfortunately if I uninstall the AOL software, then there is NO way to access my account!

So I will have to keep it after all. Doh.

  CurlyWhirly 00:34 01 Jul 2005

[quote]What do you mean "access my account"?

Sorry for the delay in replying.
I mean I can't get my billing info, AOL keywords and the livehelp service for example.

  CurlyWhirly 22:19 01 Jul 2005

I do just that, keep the AOL software on my PC but most of the time connect to the internet by just using my modem drivers.
Best of both worlds!

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