Connecting an Amiga to PC

  mikejd1972 19:51 28 Dec 2005


I have recently dusted off my old Amiga 600 from the loft and decided to start using it again. Due to space I will have to connect it to my PC and play games through the PC TFT monitor. Is it possible to simply connect the RF lead from the back of the Amiga to an RF input on a TV card in the PC (instead of the back of my televison), would this work ok?

If this would work can anyone recommend a cheap tv card.



  Skyver 20:16 28 Dec 2005

Won't hurt to try, if it's any help my old A1200 used to output a TV signal at 603MHz. Strange the things one remembers.

  Skyver 20:18 28 Dec 2005

Sorry, I can't recommend a card specifically, but there's bound to be something here click here

  mikejd1972 22:09 28 Dec 2005

click here

click here

I guess this would do it by plugging the RF lead from the amiga into the RF socket on the card. Presumably its exactly the same as plugging the lead into the back of the televison?

  Skyver 22:19 28 Dec 2005

I would have thought so. If the A600 had a phono composite output like the A1200 you could get marginally better pic quality that way. Set it up and play Datastorm till your hands go numb:)

  mikejd1972 23:40 28 Dec 2005

Just ordered this one off Amazon:

click here

Hopefully do the trick! Will be dusting down the joystick as well to play Sensible Soccer!!



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