Connecting 2 PC's wireless to broadband

  murgle 20:07 22 Jan 2005

We have just bought 2 pc's, one in the lounge and the other in a bedroom. I would like to connect both PC's to broadband without having to run any cables. The main BT socket comes in to the lounge and the first PC is right next to it. Can anybody please recommend the best and cheapest was of connecting both computers to broadband. We don't particularly want to network the computers or share any files.

Many thanks

  JonnyTub 20:09 22 Jan 2005

An acces point plugged into moded and two wireless cards for each pc, belkin tend to be the cheapest for these sort of things

  JonnyTub 20:09 22 Jan 2005


ahem, modem

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:43 22 Jan 2005

click here

  fredyflame 22:20 22 Jan 2005

2 wireless cards- you do not need an access point just network using xp and broadband connection to pc nearest socket Zone alarm help forum has a step by step guide

  xoc 22:25 22 Jan 2005

What a fantastic link!!
Well done and many thanks!!

  fredyflame 22:29 22 Jan 2005

that link is for win 98 is it not?

  JonnyTub 11:36 23 Jan 2005

no access point means one pc has to be switched on for the other to have internet access, don't see the point, as murgle has stated, he's not that bothered about networking them together, so i stand my my origonal advice, an access point and two wireless pci cards.

  JonnyTub 11:48 23 Jan 2005

and about £75 all in from ebuyer

  georgemac 12:07 23 Jan 2005

click here a wireless router plugged into the phone socket, and to the computer by the socket with the supplied network cable.

2 pc would have the free usb dongle plugged in allowing it to connect wirelessly to the router.


1. No need to open up pc's to install anything

2. Router has hardware firewall included.

3. Only router needs to be on to allow 2nd pc to access the internet

4. gives the option of networking in the future if required, and if you ever get a alptop it can connect wirelessly through the router from anywhere in the house.

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