Bertie B 12:57 03 May 2003

I have a new PC running XP and an old one running 98SE. They sit just 4 feet apart and rather than install network cards I am considering USB networking. Has anyone out there any experience of this, please?

  caast ©™ 13:16 03 May 2003

Yes nice cheap a hassle free I did this about 12 months ago, I found it less hassle than network cards.

  Bertie B 13:24 03 May 2003

I would appreciate any help you can give on what hardware/software I need, please? Do I need a special cable for instance? All I want to do is transfer the odd file back and fore, especially as XP is "picky" about running some of my older peripherels [scanner!!] and applications. If I could share the adsl internet connection also then that would be a bonus!!

  Tenner 13:31 03 May 2003

This might go someway towards helping click here
but still some unanswered questions.


  Tenner 13:40 03 May 2003

Try entering 'drivers' and 'XP' in Search above, 'all postings' and you'll get loads of references - one will point you to a site for driver updates ( can't remember who/when, ) sorry haven't got the time to seach thoroughly for you now - but it's in there, somewhere !


  woodchip 14:15 03 May 2003

Have a look click here I use this method

  Bertie B 22:47 04 May 2003

Thanks for the info - I am interested in one of these - only need to find out version of USB on my old PC as it appears it needs to be USB 1.1. My old PC is an IBM 350 Mhz purchased new in early 1998 with Win98 later updated to 98SE. I seem to recall the odd message over the years when installing USB periphs - about the USB version not being up to spec so maybe it is version 1.0! Anyone know how this info can be established? I've tried looking at system info but can't see any reference to version! CAN YOU DRAG/DROP FILES FROM PC TO PC AND ALSO SHARE INTERNET CONNECTION USING ONE OF THESE USB BRIDGE CABLES?

  mrdsgs 22:57 04 May 2003

you will continue to have problems if 98se was not a clean install.

usb bridge cables do NOT enable drag and drop within Explorer/ My computer, they use their own programme which does the same job but as well as Explorer etc.

You cannot share anything using a bridge cable.

These cables cost around £20.00

For the same money you could buy 2 pci network cards and a crossover network cable and then you could share everything between the 2 pc's. This is a much better solution.

  DieSse 23:48 04 May 2003

This is the kind of thing you want click here

Read the FAQs click here and you'll find it can do most things a regular network can do, including file and printer sharing.

There are simpler links which can not do as much, so be careful which type you go for.

  Bertie B 21:09 05 May 2003

Whilst I am waiting for information from a USB Cable supplier I have connected both PC's with a Parallel File Transfer cable. I have run the network wizard on XP setting up the new PC as the host and I have run the Direct Cable Connection wizard in 98SE on the old PC setting it as the guest. When I press connect on the guest Pc it goes thro user name and password verified routine - gives status as Connected via parallel cable on LPT1 -Looking for shared folders then up pops another window " Direct Cable Connection was unable to display the shared folders of the host PC - to see them type in the name of the host computer[I have changed properties of certain folders on the host to allow sharing!]. This I do and it tells me it can't find the host!! If I run find computer [on guest pc] under the name of the host it is not found! However, on the host pc under network connections there are 2 icons present - 1 indicating "incoming connections - one client connected ... and 2. the other indicates "unauthenticated user - connected direct parallel"!!!!!! I am tearing my hair out!!!! CAN ANYONE THROW ME A BONE ON THIS ONE, PLEASE?? [WHO WANTS TO NETWORK ANYWAY??!}

  johnem 23:27 05 May 2003

Bertie B, you say thatb you have changed some of the properties on your host computer for sharing, I think you will have to do the same on the guest machine. It's a while since I used direct cable, so have forgetten some of the details. The USB crossover cable works just as well, I use a "USB Data Link/USB Turbo Link cable available at several outlets, mine came from Farnell Electronics code no. 418-3824. This comes complete with software for setting up. Hope this is of help.

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