Connecting 2 pc,s

  swanny2 21:09 08 Dec 2005

my son now has a pc and i wish too conect the 2 up so we r both on the Internet.What is the easiest way and most economical way too go about this.
Im not too bothered about wires an things as there both upstairs.
tk all

  007al 22:10 08 Dec 2005

You need a router. Plug both pc`s into the router,insert disc that comes with it and it should do the hard work for you.the cables that come with routers are not long,so i would have the router near your pc,and get a longer cable to go from there to your sons.
are you on dial up or broadband?

  swanny2 17:10 09 Dec 2005

broadband mate cable from me set top box downstairs. cheers
Swanny. :O)

  mike1967 18:24 09 Dec 2005

If you both have network cards all you need is a cat 5 cable with crossover and RJ 45 connectors, a few pounds I think or get someone to make you one if they have the equipment at work.

  swanny2 13:13 10 Dec 2005

what are the network cards mate..and how do i find that out cheers . i dont want nothing complicated too do .lol .just something simple for me have 2 pc,s too work the net .ty.

Swanny .

  palinka 14:42 10 Dec 2005

Network cards are things that you put into your PCs - sometimes called PCI adapters. Go to click here and scroll to the bottom of the page - you will see pictures of the version for a desktop and version for a laptop. (other places sell them - it's just that that site shows what they look like ). You need on in each PC (which one depends on whether it's a laptop or desktop)and they are VERY easy to fit. You also need a modem router.

  DieSse 15:15 10 Dec 2005

It's quite possible the new PC already has a network port. It's like a fat telephone socket (see the documentation).

  swanny2 20:00 11 Dec 2005

one pc is windows Me. an the other one is xp.
1 is about 6 yrs old an the other one 2/3 yrs. what would i need too be able too get internet on both pc,s .
Swanny .

  wobblymike 23:12 11 Dec 2005

I have just completed the self same thing and created a wireless network for the 2 PCs - all you need are two wireless PCI adapter cards I used the 802.11b format cards which are available on e bay for around £15 each. Put one in each PC, load up the drivers. Connect the master PC to the net - the slave PC wil also be able to connect as well via your connection. Advantage no router needed, no cables works great. Disadvantage your PC has to be on to allow slave to connect - if that's a disadvantage!.

  swanny2 11:12 12 Dec 2005

cheers mate ,useful that.Is there no way i can get round this as i dont want me lad goin in me room everytime too turn my Pc on ,so he can use his.hmm.tx anyway will look into that,but as i say im not bothered about havin cable all over,as id sooner do that than start messin in the back of me pc when i dont know what im doin ,dont wanna mess it up ..:)

Swanny :O)

  pj123 15:53 12 Dec 2005

Whichever way you connect them up "wired" or "wirless" the Main computer has to be switched on before the slave can connect.

If you don't want your lad switching yours on it might be better to make his the Main and yours the slave. But then you would have to go into his space to switch his on before you can use yours.

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